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About Us

I have been working in the Security Industry for 20 years as In-house Security, Corporate Security, Reception personnel and public relations personnel at various Clubs, Venues, private function including the Aria awards, Gaming Expos, The Star Casino, close personal protection (CPP) to international figures etc, throughout the Sydney area. I was involved in the daily running of the company Secure PR Protection Pty Ltd founded in 1999 particularly to provide the registered club industries with the high standard of club security that is completely Public Relations orientated. I ensured that clients received the service they expected from a quality services provider. 
Onsite Security And Risk Management Group Pty Ltd, a new and dynamic branch from Secure PR Protection established by myself is pushing the boundaries in security services with our unique approach to patron’s supervision. Our security guards are well educated, competent, and possess excellent communication skills. OSARM group extends its service to risk management and OH & S issues for various fields.
The requirements for safe effective security at competitive prices have never been more important. 
I hope that the above have provided you with a brief insight into the quality of service offered by us. I look forward to a long and mutually successful relationship.
Compliance with procedures 
We ensure that each person engaged in the provision of the security services complies with all procedures and codes of conduct applicable to the premises which are referred to in the Agreement or are made known to it by the employer including, but not limited to:
  • Security of persons and property;
  • Security and confidentiality of information; 
  • Health and safety requirements;
  • Emergency procedures;
  • The Club's no-smoking policy; 
  • VIP requirements
  • Meet and Greet policy
  • Customer service standards.

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